Kawasaki International Association:
Scholarship Programme for Foreign Students

Kawasaki International Association is conducting a scholarship programme for foreign students studying in Japan. The terms and conditions and application procedures are as follows:


Applicants should satisfy all the conditions shown as follows:

  1. Having the visa status of Study (College student / Pre-college student);
  2. Having completed an alien registration required by the Japanese law as a resident of Kawasaki, and living in Kawasaki;
  3. Having been enrolled as a full time student of one of the designated higher educational institutions in Kawasaki city shown as follows.
    • Senshu University, Ikuta Campus (Senshu Daigaku)
    • Meiji University, Ikuta Campus (Meiji Daigaku)
    • Showa University of Music (Showa Ongaku Daigaku)
    • Senzoku Gakuen College of Music (Senzoku Gakuen Ongaku Daigaku)
    • Japan Institute of the Moving Image (Nihon Eiga Daigaku)
    • Den-en Chofu University (Den-en Chofu Gakuen Daigaku)
    • St. Marianna University School of Medicine (St. Marianna Ika Daigaku)
    • Kawasaki City College of Nursing (Kawasaki Shiritsu Kango Tanki Daigaku)
    • College of Business and Communication (Gaigo Business Senmon Gakko)
    • Yoneyama Fashion Business College (Yoneyama Fashion Business Senmon Gakko)
    • Japan Welding Structure College (Nihon Yosetsu Kozo Senmon Gakko)
    • Kawasaki Nursing College (Kawasaki Kango Senmon Gakko)
    • YMCA Welfare College (YMCA Fukushi Senmon Gakko)
    • St. Marianna University School of Medicine Junior College of Nursing (St. Marianna Ika Daigaku Kango Senmon Gakko)
    • Takatsu Nursing School (Takatsu Kango Senmon Gakko)
    • YMCA Global Business College (YMCA Kokusai Business Senmon Gakko)
    • Kanagawa Beauty & Business College(Kanagawa Beauty & Business Senmon Gakko)
    • Globiz Professional University
  4. Not being a government-sponsored foreign student;
  5. Having demonstrated an excellent academic achievement, and being recommended by the president or principal of his or her school;
  6. Being able to participate in and cooperate for international exchange activities in Kawasaki City.
Application Procedures:
Applications should be submitted to the Kawasaki International Association through the president or principal of your school in Kawasaki City.

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