About Kawasaki International Association


Organizing opportunities for Japanese and non-Japanese residents to have friendly exchanges, the association was established on August 25, 1989 with the goal of deepening mutual understanding and friendly ties at a grassroots level.
All types of information are provided so that the lives or temporary stays of non-Japanese residents of Kawasaki may be as comfortable as possible.

Main Activities

Collecting and Providing Information and Reference Materials
The association provides foreign resedents in Kawasaki City with domestic as well as overseas news and provides consultation and advice concerning daily life.
  1. Library
    The association library has books, magazines and videotapes in Japanese and in other languages to serve all resedents.
  2. Foreign Residents’ Counseling Corner
  3. Publications
    The association publishes its own newsletter and various types of informative material.
International activities at a Grassroots Level
The association promotes international gooswill at a grassroots level and helps enhance residensts’ international awareness.
  1. Despatching and Receiving Emissaries
    The associatiion hosts such guests from overseas such as cultural groups and youth groups, and expands friendships by sending citizens’ groups abroad to such places as sister cities and cities with frendly ties.
  2. Seminars and Studies
    The association sponsors symposiums and seminars on international issues and current affairs. Japanese language classes and tradition and culture classes are held for foreign residents.
  3. International Events
    Various events to introduce foreign cultures are folk entertainment are scheduled to enhance international understanding.
Study and Research on International Exchange Projeccts
Development of Supporting Citizens' Groups and Volunteers
Management of the Kawasaki International Center
In April 2011, Kawasaki City implemented a designated management system to oversee the operation of Kawasaki International Center. The designated management consortium formed by the Kawasaki International Association and Tokyu Community—which previously operated the center—will continue to do so until FY2025.
Tel : 044-435-7000
Facsimile : 044-435-7010
(9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
International Center Japanese Course
Event Information
Public Relations