About Kawasaki International Center

In April 2006, Kawasaki City implemented a designated management system to oversee the operation of Kawasaki International Center. The designated management consortium formed by the Kawasaki International Association and Tokyu Community—which previously operated the center—will continue to do so until FY2025. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Kawasaki International Center
2-2 Kizuki Gion-cho, Nakahara District, Kawasaki City
TEL: 044-435-7000
FAX: 044-435-7010
Designated Management Consortium
Representative: Kawasaki International Association (KIAN)
Constituent Member: Tokyu Community Corporation
About Kawasaki International Center
As the world’s need for mutual international understanding and collaborative relationships grows ever larger, so has the demand for the internationalization of regional society. Kawasaki International Center—a hub for learning and practice—was opened in Kizukigioncho in the city’s Nakahara District on October 12, 1994 with the objective of supporting citizen activities that promote the internationalization of regional society and encourage exchanges and cooperation between our city and cities and their residents around the world with different languages, ethnicities and cultures.
Kawasaki International Center’s facilities include the main building—which has three floors and one underground floor—and an annex and another Japanese-style annex. The main building features a main hall and reception room that can be used to hold parties and other events, as well as conference rooms appropriate for meetings, language classes and so on. In addition, there is a library and reference room where visitors can browse books, newspapers and magazines on international exchange. There is also a kitchen where users can engage in exchanges while making and eating food from around the world.
The annex features a recreation room where visitors can play table tennis, practice dance moves and more, as well as Japanese-style conference rooms.
Located a short distance from the main building in the Japanese garden on the center’s grounds, the Japanese-style annex is a traditional Japanese-style building. It can also be used as the tearoom Kizukian, to introduce and pass down traditional Japanese culture, such as the tea ceremony and wearing of kimono. In 2015, a city resident donated a highly valuable dairo hearth that makes it possible to use the tearoom even during extremely cold periods.
The main building also features a special conference room and special reception room, and private meeting spaces independent from the rest of the building. Each has its own entrance, restrooms and pantries.
Kawasaki International Center has a hotel as well, making it a destination for many visitors from overseas.
The center helps foreign residents in Japan with life here by providing consultation services in eleven languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Nepali and Easy Japanese). In addition, our many registered volunteers carry out support activities and Japanese-language classes for foreigners, as well as a wide variety of fun events and programs related to international exchange.
We hope you will visit Kawasaki International Center—a hub of international exchange—very soon!
Overview of Kawasaki International Center Grounds, Buildings and Facilities
  1. Location:
    2-2 Kizukigioncho, Nakahara District, Kawasaki City
    Lot Area
    15,786.82 m2
    (The annex is located in the adjacent Sumiyoshi Elder Care Facility)
  2. Building Structure and Size:
    Reinforced concrete building with one floor underground and three floors aboveground
    Height: 17.48 m
    Building Space
    4,045.73 m2
    Floor Space
    9,677.88 m2
    Main building:
    9,091.26 m2
    Japanese-style annex:
    119.78 m2
    466.84 m2
Tel : 044-435-7000
Facsimile : 044-435-7010
(9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
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