How to cope with the breakout of an earthquake.

This is an announcement from Kawasaki City Government as to ‘How to cope with the breakout of an earthquake’.

In case of an earthquake you are advised to act as follows:

For coping with expected aftershocks properly it is important to discuss with your family how to act in case of disaster. When a big disaster occurs, it is very difficult for the public sector to give immediate support to the victims. You are advised to store food provisions for at least three days for an emergency.

Kawasaki City Government provides a booklet SONAERU. KAWASKI (AGAINT DISASTER. KAWASKI) (Japanese version) that contains useful information, at each branch office. Multi-lingual translation (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog) of this booklet is available at the portal site on disaster prevention of foreign languages in the website of Kawasaki City Government.
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