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People such as independent business proprietors, farmers and freelancers must calculate their income earned over the one-year period from 1 January to 31 December of 2017, calculate the amount of tax to be levied on this sum and file their income tax returns. However, this is not necessary for the majority of salary income earners.
However, salary income earners too will have to file income tax returns in some cases, for example:

  • In cases where the person's yearly income from his or her salary is more than 20 million yen
  • In cases where the person's salary is paid at two or more places

A copy of the income tax returns can in some cases be necessary when extending or changing status of residence, for example, so you should keep hold of a copy. * In the event that you have a dependent in your own country, you can receive a deduction for dependents. Therefore, even if you are a salary income earner but are not receiving a deduction for dependents, you should file your income tax returns and then receive a tax refund.

When to file: Friday, Feb. 16 to Thursday, March 15, 2018

Necessary documents for income tax returns:

  1. income tax returns form (available at your tax office)
    *You will need your Individual Number (My Number) for these forms
  2. items proving your income over the previous year(certificate of income and withholding tax, or proof of payment form)
  3. Residence card
  4. Items necessary to receive a deduction for dependents(birth certificate of dependent in your own country, family registry, proof of remittance of money etc.)
  5. Items necessary for insurance premium deduction(Proof of insurance deduction)
  6. Items necessary for medical expense deduction (receipts)
  7. Personal seal or signature etc.

Tax offices (Zeimusho) in Kawasaki City:

Nakahara, Takatsu and Miyamae Wards:
North Kawasaki Taxation Office
(Takatsu-ku, Hisamoto 2-4-3, TEL 044-852-3221)
Tama and Asao Wards:
West Kawasaki Taxation Office
(Asao-ku, Kamiasao 1-3-14, Kawasaki West Joint Government Building, TEL 044-965-4911)
Kawasaki and Saiwai Wards:
South Kawasaki Taxation Office
(Kawasaki-ku, Enokicho 3-18, TEL 044-222-7531)

* Information in English is available on the National Tax Administration Agency homepage:
Information about Income Tax
National Tax Agency JAPAN